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The Day After

This has been perhaps the most polarizing election of our time. Whether or not your preferred candidates were victorious, we have a long way to go as a society. The hatred and vitriol of this election season pulled many people away from light and love. Unfortunately, it will not get any better, at least not the day after everyone votes. If anything, the day after may be worse.

This election was treated by many as a horse race or sporting event. People choosing sides, demonizing opponents and cheering for failure of opposing candidates even more so than success of their candidates. Those on the “winning side” will be smug. Those on the “losing side” will be bitter. Neither of those emotions are helpful to anyone. Both of those emotions are rooted in ego and demonstrate selfishness.

What the world needs now is more selflessness. Even though the election is over, our voices can still be heard above the fray. Demonstrate kindness and compassion every day and contribute to the worldwide awakening that is underway. Act in ways that are compassionate toward other people, with concern for mother earth. It will take all of us acting in unison to drown out the voices of hate with loving energy.

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