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Numbers, Stars and Guidance

More specifically, astrology and numerology. Most have heard of an astrologist and a numerologist, some have had an experience with one. We as human beings can identify our human tendencies by examining planetary alignment and numeric values of our name, birth date, etc. I want to emphasize the word “can” in the previous statement because none of those tendencies are set in stone.

Those numbers and stars build a set of parameters for our life. A reference point, if you will. These parameters are like a blueprint for our human existence. That blueprint was drawn by our soul, with help from our soul family. Most importantly, that blueprint is drawn in pencil and we are given an eraser. The “eraser” is our own free will choices. The walls that confine us in the blueprint of our lives can be erased and redrawn at any time, just by exercising that free will.

If you are not happy with the personality traits the numbers and stars say you have, you can change those traits. Again, the information obtained from an astrological or numerological reading is not set in stone. There is room for interpretation and changes can be made from within ourselves. Your spirit guides are ready and willing to help you discover your planned path and point you toward your destination.

Once you have decided to make a change and pursue your spiritual path, guidance is the next step. Spiritual guidance must come from self-discovery and connecting on your own, or from a psychic medium with the gift of channeling guidance. Very few people in this situation have the level of spirituality necessary for self-discovery and connecting with their own guides. If you find yourself stuck in your spiritual journey, please schedule a session via my website and I will endeavor to help you discover the next steps along your path.

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