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Angels... again

The advertisements on social media seem to be increasing. One of the most popular marketing tools these days is “Angels.” People claiming to be spiritual while pandering to the religious crowd is nothing new. We are now subjected to advertising for everything from angel cards to abundance from angels and people who claim to be channeling angels or even be guided by angels.

Be who your soul is and don’t be afraid to distance yourself from the religious dogma that includes so-called angelic guidance. Using terms like “angels” and “heaven” will not lead your soul any closer to a higher power than terms like “spirit guides” and “afterlife.” Those religious terms are just a marketing ploy geared toward those who cannot release their connection to man-made religions.

It is actually ego that drives some to claim their “angels” are a higher power than “guides.” Just ask yourself what their motivation is for making this claim. I have found that ego and greed are very commonly associated with these claims. If someone tries to make you believe their product or service is somehow better, or their guidance is from a higher power because they use the term “angel” that is based in ego. Using angels as a selling tool is rooted in greed that is easily driven by ego.

Some will even claim to call on a mythical hierarchy of angels to amplify the effectiveness of whatever they are selling you. Those baseless claims are still rooted in man-made religion. With seven billion people practicing five major religions and thousands of minor religions, it is rather presumptuous of anyone to believe their religion is the only path to a higher power. Religion was invented by man to control people by controlling their beliefs. Release that control and find your own path to connect with your higher power, healing energy or passed loved ones. If you live your life in love and light, your soul will find its way to love and light, with or without religion. And always remember “Beliefs are individual, truth is universal.”

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