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Nonverbal Communication

What is nonverbal communication? Is it face reading? Is it body language? Is it a soul connection on an extra sensory level? The answer may surprise you. It is primarily a soul to soul connection. How else can you explain when you just feel comfortable around someone or conversely, when you just don’t like someone before you even get to know them?

We all receive nonverbal communication from others. Some of us recognize it and are in touch with it. Others dismiss it as being made up in their minds or meaningless in determining our feelings toward others. Whether or not you actively recognize it, nonverbal communication is the most trustworthy method of determining the intentions of others toward us. Faces, motions and words can all be used to deceive but our own soul will never lie to us.

I have a local intuitive development group and we recently did an exercise in nonverbal communication. One group member was selected to sit in a chair facing away from the group. Then another group member was randomly selected to stand silently behind the first person. The person who was seated then asked to connect soul to soul, with the person standing behind them. The seated person also asked for assistance from all spirit guides involved to receive something about that individual. Everyone was able to pick up a few details about the person behind them. Anything from shirt color to a hobby and even treasured possessions. In every case it was enough information to convincingly identify who was behind them. All without seeing or speaking.

That may not be the kind of nonverbal communication most people think of but it is in fact, such. When we talk about “picking up vibes” from on person or just “getting a bad feeling” about another, it is our soul, through claircognizance (gut instinct) informing us of that persons intentions. Since some people are adept at disguising their body language and facial expressions, we can tune our claircognizance to bypass any misleading outward communication. Once you learn to identify and trust your “intuition” it becomes much easier to understand people and you will spend less time wading through waves of manipulation.

Now I would like to relate a story about what most would consider a more traditional nonverbal communication. I recently experienced the passing of a very close friend. We bonded from the first time we met and were friends for 35 years. Our souls were meant to cross paths and walk together for a lifetime. This friend had a special “look” that I could use to receive his communication without words. “The look” was exactly the same for many different situations but I always knew what it meant in each situation, without words. Whether I had just found out how he cheated in a board game, he discovered something about me, I stumped him with something and he didn’t have an answer, we were trying to find a way out of an awkward situation or even if he had quietly passed gas and I hadn’t discovered it yet. The look was always the same but I knew what he was saying… without words.

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