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Learning From Dreams

I was awakened at exactly 3:00 this morning from a dream. This was the most vivid and lifelike dream I have ever had other than visitation dreams. It started with a young lady making a video of herself talking. She appeared to be in her late teens and I felt like I should know who she was. I could see every detail of her face and sensed the meaning behind her expressions. She was uncomfortable with her appearance and it was an overriding concern throughout her life. There was nothing wrong with her appearance but I seemed like she thought her face was too far to the right side of her head. That may be symbolic of her leaning too much toward her emotional side. I don't remember all of her dialogue but she started feeling sad and talking about how she felt. She reached a point when her eyes started to tear up. She kept saying she was "tired of trying to be strong." But then she suddenly changed her tone and said "but I have the solution" and began smiling. I felt her solution was an attempted suicide. The next thing I remember she was shown to me as being in a horrific medical condition. Her body and skin had something terrible happen, which I felt was possibly burns. She basically had to live in something resembling a bubble. This bubble may have been symbolic of her learning to protect her feelings and shield herself from the negativity around her. As I saw her being moved down a set of stairs in a wheelchair type device I could see her face through the top part of this bubble. She had the biggest and happiest smile on her face. The irony was that the one thing she was most uncomfortable about (her face) was the only part of her physical being left unchanged after what happened. Her face was just the same as it always had been but now she was comfortable with it and with herself.

I believe the lesson from this dream is that our outward appearance is nowhere near as important as who we are inside. Our higher self always remains as a loving, energetic being regardless of our incarnation status. The kind of experience she went through is an example of the life lessons and spiritual growth we come here to live a life on earth for. Sometimes we learn from them, sometimes others learn from them, sometimes both. Dreams are not always meant to be literal. Sometimes they are not. Most of the time they are symbolic. Dreams are a place where we can learn via symbolism. We can experience things without actually having to go through them in our lives. Dreams are away connecting to our loved ones, our spirit guides and the universe for various purposes. Many people would be scared by a dream like the one I described here. But if you can look beyond the shock of what happened to this young lady there are many life lessons to be learned in our dreams. Think of each dream as a lesson and your dream state as a spiritual school. Our minds can only learn while we are awake but our souls can learn while we are awake AND while we are asleep!

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