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Angels and Spirits and Guides, oh my!

These terms are not mutually exclusive or in my opinion, all that necessary. I believe all energy we use for spirit communication, healing, etc. is channeled from source. There is only ONE source. We as humans feel the need to "identify" an energetic, spiritual counterpart in the channeling process. So we assign terms like angels and spirits and guides. The term "Angels" is generally embraced by those who have difficulty detaching from organized religion due to fear, guilt, societal pressures, etc. Spirits are also referenced in Abrahamic religions but have taken on a negative connotation with many highly religious people. Guides is a more generic term but probably the most accurate descriptor of the guidance received during the process of channeling energy. Preference of terms used by those channeling energy is not an indication of a higher connection with source. For example, channeling of healing energy "from Angels" is not any closer to source than any other genuine healer. It's all about perception and one's level of comfort with different terminology. The bottom line is, source is source and all genuine communicators and healers channel from the same source. The terms someone uses to describe their channel from source says more about their individual earthbound attachments than their higher spiritual self.

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