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Omaha Intuitive Spiritual Life Guidance Coach

Steven Joseph is an intuitive spiritual guide and author of two books.

From Steven:

I have been asked many times what exactly happens in an intuitive session. There is nothing exact about what happens during a session. Each session is as unique as the individual client. Neither myself nor the client know what the universe and their spirit guides will share with them. 

Perhaps the best way to sum up the experience is to quote some lyrics from an old song by The Rolling Stones: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need.”

What many people want is the human comfort of signs and validations. But human comfort is temporary, inner peace is eternal. The latter is what you need and what universal energy and your spirit guides are nudging you toward.

Whether you are suffering the emotional pain of grief, seeking direction in your spiritual life journey, or just stuck somewhere along the way, the souls of your loved ones and spirit guides are ready to help. You may receive either what you want to hear or what you need to know. The choice is up to you and the Intuitive you choose. Some people are content with the human comfort of knowing grandpa leaves them pennies, or their mother wore a certain perfume. That information can be either a fleeting comfort or a small step in your spiritual journey. 

There are many mediums and intuitives who will share those tidbits of information, take your money and hope to keep you coming back again for more. I see my journey as a deeper spiritual calling, to help others find their way spiritually. The universe, my guides and the soul of my son have pushed me to open myself as a messenger for others, to channel their loved ones and share the guidance they need. Once you receive that information, the next choice is yours. You can take that information and use it to move forward along your spiritual path, or you can disregard it and continue seeking temporary human comfort.

During a session with me, you can expect compassion and genuine concern for your spiritual well-being. Having experienced the passing of a child, I understand intimately the deepest emotional pain there is. With that experience as my starting point, I am not in this for fame and fortune. I don’t do this to fill seats at large venues or sell metaphysical products. With each session, I genuinely hope to help someone find in themselves their path toward the inner peace that I have discovered within myself. Namaste.




12/26/21 Steven begins offering PWYC (Pay What You Can) sessions on a trial basis with limited availability


12/25/21 Steven has returned from a hiatus and is now doing intuitive sessions again

12/17/16 From Grief to Awakening is available for Kindle and NOOK


1/15/16 The Soul of My Son is on stock and pre-orders have shipped

11/01/16 The Soul of My son is available for Kindle and NOOK


10/25/16 The Soul of My Son is available for pre-order by clicking on the Shop button above.


2/26/16 Voice recordings are available for all sessions at no additional charge. Please request this option at the beginning of your call. A link to the audio recording will be emailed to you after the session.

11/1/15 Steven has partnered with Karen Marie from Divine Healing Inspirations. Karen is a Spirit Artist who draws pencil sketches of your loved ones during your session (individual or group)





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